Medal: 1907 France Automobile Exposition NGC MS65BN

Medal: France - 1907 Automobile Exposition - by Daniel Dupuis

Gorgeous chocolate brown surfaces and flowing design elements characterize this exceptional art nouveau medal.

This medal's condition is exceptional for any medal, but more so for this particular issue as most examples of this type are encountered in much lower states of preservation. As of this writing this is the finest example graded by NGC and the finest example ever seen by this author.

Obverse: Semi-nude female seated in ornate winged tricycle traveling through clouds, her right hand holding a torch and her left hand on the tiller; legend surrounds: EXPOSITION DECENNALE DE L’AUTOMOBILE 1907   1894-1895; signed below: DANIEL DUPUIS

rev: Gear of Industry with oak and laurel leaves surround cartouche; inscription above: SOCIETE D’ENCOURAGEMENT; legend surrounds: AUTOMOBILE • CLUB • DE • FRANCE

This is a prize medal for the 1907 Exposition at Grand Palais in Paris that celebrated the first decade of the automobile. The original artwork seen on the obverse was commissioned by the Automobile Club of France (formed 1894-1895) and executed by Daniel Dupuis in 1895. As was common practice for medals of this period, the design was also used on this beautiful 1907 medal for the Automobile Club's exposition. This medal was either not awarded or given without engraving so the cartouche remains blank.

AE  150g  68.5mm x 4mm   Edge: <cornucopia> BRONZE

Round medal version of Maier 117

Gem Uncirculated

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